Corporate overview

Established in 2009 and part of the ABC Group, Fleetleader’s vision is to be the trusted partner for innovative corporate fleet solutions.

Driven by innovation & powered by customer commitment, Fleetleader provides comprehensive fleet management solutions which aims at improving its fleet customer’s business operations by enabling them to focus on their core activities while improving their bottom line.

Since our inception, we recognise that each fleet customer is unique in its fleet vehicle requirements and therefore our raison d’être is to continuously seek new approaches to delivering effective fleet management solutions that are adapted to our customers’ needs.

Our dedicated team is at the core of our fleet management expertise, with industry experience in the diverse fields ranging from finance to automotive engineering. Customer-focused and with a commitment to customer satisfaction our team members aim at delivering a hassle free and enriching motoring experience to its customers and fleet users.

Our Values

In the conduct of our businesses, our employees are guided by the following values:

  • • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • • Adaptability
  • • Professionalism
  • • Adaptability, Customer Satisfaction and Professionalism