Our Benefits

Our solutions address the needs of businesses wishing to enjoy the benefits of operating a fleet without the hassles associated.

Fleetleader collaborates with its corporate clients in designing comprehensive fleet management solutions that are tailored to suit their industry, operational and financial requirements. The ultimate objective of our collaborative approach is streamline our customer’s fleet operations which enable cost savings and substantially reduce administrative bottlenecks.

Our customers can choose from a comprehensive suite of services ranging from full maintenance lease to maintenance management solutions:

Full maintenance lease [FML]

Full Maintenance Lease Our innovative FML solution involves paying a fixed monthly fee for the usage of a particular vehicle or fleet over a pre-agreed period and kilometers. The FML value proposition is equivalent to a long-term rental and includes:

  • • 100% fleet financing
  • • Maintenance (including periodic maintenance, repairs and tyres)
  • • Insurance cover
  • • Licensing (including annual road charges)
  • • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • • Replacement vehicle service
  • • Fleet management services

Our fleet customers benefit from the following advantages:

  • • One-stop shop service (with single invoicing);
  • • Reduced fleet administration
  • • Improves cash flow and enables accurate fleet cost budgeting
  • • Hedge against price increase (with respect to maintenance items)
  • • Built-in residual value reduces financial charges

Maintenance Management

Our maintenance management solution is designed for new as well as for existing fleets, with a core focus on maintenance cost containment and reduction. For existing vehicles, a comprehensive fleet audit is conducted and a report submitted with customised recommendations.

Besides maintenance, the solutioncan be augmented with other services such as accident management, license management and tire-based monitoring.

Customers adopting the maintenance management solution typically benefit from increased vehicle availability as well as increased vehicle resale values.

Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance plan covers periodic maintenance as well as repairs including clutch, brake, suspension, gearbox and engine units.

The plan enables customers to accurately budget their maintenance expenditure with either a fixed maintenance cost per month.